Saturday, 30 January 2010


This is what's left of my wormwood

Can you see it? It's those couple of sticks in amongst the mulch.
I planted the wormwood in the chookyard with a fence around it in the hope that it would grow big and strong and the chooks could peck at the leaves through the wire as it's supposed to stop mites and worms. Well, they shouldn't have any now, as they somehow got under the fence and totally striped it.

It took me ages to find a wormwood down here and I really thought I wouldn't be able to find another, but guess what I turned up today? Ta Da...

A better fence will be put around this one.

In other chooky news, I also had to put up this fence yesterday.

My poor asparagus, pumpkins and zucchini were getting trashed every time I let the chooks out to roam the garden.

But wait... There's more.

This is the third thyme I have bought in the last few weeks once again thanks to my darling chooky chooks. I'm hoping they can't get to this one.

So as you can see, it's been an interesting week with the little darlings, but they are laying lots of eggs for us, so they get to stay.

In other news, I bought a new bay tree (I managed to kill the last one) a sage for my herb garden and some comfrey plants to border my vege patch to hopefully keep out some of the couch grass.

and... my beetroot and spinach seeds are starting to shoot.

I think that's it, hopefully there will be no more demolishing of the garden this coming week.

edited 1/2 hour later...... Sophie's fairy garden is now minus all the flowers, hmmmm. The chooks have previously ignored the fairy garden, apparently it was just to tempting today.
Blessings, Sue


  1. hey Chick!
    I am talking to you and NOT the animals that you are annoyed with..
    I am sore today and it feels great. I exercised quite hard two days ago, and will be doing it again tomorrow. YAY!! I am so happy because I can feel myself getting not only thinner and more in shape, but also YOUNGER .
    i am going to continue to live in this fantasy world and NOT look in the mirror as I lose weight, so that I can continue to dream that I am getting younger again.
    Love hearing your stories about your chooks and sorry about the Sophie's flowers, I suppose since you fenced off everything else the flowers became pretty tasty.
    take care Sue.

  2. Oh dear! Our chooks do that too! I have to keep the vegetable garden fenced off. This year I am going to try to build a fairly portable fence to keep them in a certain section of the property. They also tend to wander down the long driveway towards the road if not watched and herded back - but we love them anyway, and their eggs!

    I found your blog today. Interesting reading! Good to see people keeping in shape.

  3. I'v got to say when I first got my chickies someone told me i should let them wander around to eat up fallen fruit and scratch around in the garden! Since then I have discovered how distructive the little buggers are. There is no way i let them loose in the garden for more than ten minutes at a time. They dig like mad and can be very distructive.

    Nice to see your gorgeous kitchen, my mum was from SA so its close to my heart.

    cheers Serena.


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