Friday, 28 May 2010


A couple of years ago our source of organic fruit and vegetables was sadly taken away from us when the amazing business Masasa closed.
After it closed it was near to impossible to get really fresh organic foods down here. I have tried to buy local where possible at markets but sometimes the quality is questionable. I always ask if the produce is chemical free and usually get a nod in return that doesn't leave me full of confidence.
Finally there is a new business in town, Ecologie Organics
Sharyn delivers for free a wonderful array of organic goods, sourced locally whenever possible. I went with the $50 box to see what I would get and to check out the quality and was blown away. You can't get any fresher if you picked it yourself and I love what was selected for me. You get to list what you never want put in the box so the produce I received are goods that I want.
Check it out. (yes there's half a plum in there, the kids just couldn't wait)

Look at the cute crate it all comes in.

and look at the yummy sourdough bread I got for free, that's going to be garlic bread tonight to go with our spaghetti.

So if you are local to me, please check out their website and do yourself a favour and place an order.


  1. Wow Sue, it is absolutely awesome that you have written a blog about Ecologie Organics! I am surprised and impressed at your motivation and energy. :)
    There is one point which I must in all conscience correct you on, though. Every single piece of produce in your box this week was certified organic and none of it was local. If you check the back of your delivery slip you will find a list of each produce item's grower, certification status & certifying body, along with whether or not it is local.
    I am desperately trying to source and encourage local organic produce growers, but this week was unable to find anything organically grown locally in marketable quantities.
    Sadly Kalangadoo Apples are finished for the year and we did source some certified vegetables from them for a number of weeks, but because they have been so busy with the apple season, the vegetables have gone on the back burner.
    They are working in a share farming arrangement with the Burmese community, so hopefully everything will start ticking over again and we will have abundant LOCAL CERTIFIED ORGANIC produce within a a few months.
    Meanwhile, if you know of any local organic growers with whom I could begin a dialogue, please let me know. I have searched & searched, but have not found one person who grows on a commercial scale who doesn't use some form of chemicals.
    Just to reiterate, everything in your box was certified - I do not believe in 'minimal spray' or 'just snail pellets' or 'kereosene to kill the weeds'. The produce I provide is 100% organic (local uncertified is okay if I have checked the growers & their methods out thoroughly), but anything brought in is definitely certified only.
    Hope that has cleared things up! Once again, thanks for blogging about us and I hope you don't mind if I link you to our website. :)
    Yours in healing ourselves and the earth,
    Sharyn x


  3. Everything looks so good and fresh. Enjoy!!

  4. Hi Sue. Just placed my first order. Very excited!!!! :)


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