Saturday, 22 May 2010

MARKET GOODS (and some from home)

Here is the local produce I picked up at our market today. Oh and Dante looking very interested in it too (he likes to chew on veges).

We have...
5kg Potatoes $5.00
1/2kg Chestnuts $2.00
1kg Onions $2.00
1kg London Pippin Apples $3.00
1kg Goudreinette (Red Belle of Boskoop) $4.00
apples. This is an old Dutch variety from the 1800's.
1 bag of dried apples free
2kg Carrots $2.50

I know I could buy apples cheaper at this time of year but who wants the tasteless fruit that has been in cold storage for up to a year that you get in supermarkets when you could try locally grown heritage varieties that are full of flavour.

I've finished drying the last of the eggplants all ready for winter casseroles.

The dehydrator has also been busy drying bay leaves, want to see why? Scroll down.

The culprit...

hmmm I have nothing to say.

I swapped a dozen eggs for a huge bag of lemons from my neighbour over the back fence. Lemon curd will be made tomorrow.


  1. Nice to see you farmers market is quite interesting, I'm so very pleased for your decision to drop a couple of jobs, enjoy your time creating, cooking and just being:)
    Luv me xx

  2. wow, food there is WAY cheaper than it is here.

    Heidi! she has been a bad girl..... I will have to tell Willow what happened. She still talks about Heidi, and she still becomes Heidi for play as well. Just two days ago!

    your pantry and produce all look so great. You have been busy.


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