Friday, 6 August 2010


Lachie loves his pasta, infact he would eat it for every meal if I let him.

We have owned these wide mouthed flasks for a few years, they are perfect for hot lunches at school especially in winter.

Our weekly delivered organic produce is certainly not disappointing us. I haven't had to visit the grocery store for fruit or veg since we started. I love coming up with new recipes using in season and preserved produce.
On the menu tonight was something I made up to use the cooked pumpkin I had in the fridge from the other day that was supposed to be ravioli.

I cooked up onion, garlic and mushrooms in a little olive oil, then added the cooked pumpkin, feta cheese and toasted pine nuts.

I wanted to have fettucine but didn't have time to make it, so I opted for some penne in the pantry.

After the penne was cooked, I added some pesto and the rest of the ingredients.

It was really yummy, it won't make it into Masterchef but that's okay with me.


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