Sunday, 29 August 2010


Ahhh finally a nice end of winter, start of spring day. I started out early this morning with my trusty little helper by my side, weeding and chatting non-stop. We fed the chooks and collected the eggs then picked some yummy veges for dinner tonight.

Here they are all washed up.

We have baby beetroot leaves for a salad, new potatoes ready to be boiled, a few carrots that I thinned out and a beetroot to roast. Not pictured is the asparagus I will also be eating tonight. YUMMY!!!

I also planted out tomatoes in the hothouse today and some pretty flowers in the fairy garden for Sophie.


  1. I am very envious of your veggie garden. I think I'll try some tub plantings this summer. Also going to concentrate of a good crop of tomatoes this year. I tried one of those Topsy Turvey upside down planters last summer with some success so will have another go.

    Bet those veggies are going to taste good.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Everything looks so good. You are eating well!!

  3. Yum..great selection of vegies from the garden there. I wish our beetroot would grow that big, not having any luck with them.


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