Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This post has been coming for a while. There is a lot going on in my life atm, the worry for my parents has become a little overwhelming, I never thought it would happen but I'm feeling quite anxious about turning 40 next month.

I am trying to fit way too many things in my day and some changes need to be made.

Bare with me while I nut this out.....

* scaling down to 2 jobs
* spend more quality time with the kids
* spend quality time with my ever patient husband
* create because I want to, not because I have to
* create what I want to create not follow trends (I've found myself caught up in wanting to have the latest fabrics and now half of them just sit there and I wonder why I even bought them in the first place.)
* become more focused on simplifying my family's life
* learn to appreciate what I have a little more
* be grateful
* take a step back from my other blog
* post when I want to not because I feel I have to
* practice yoga daily
* smile
* make lists to keep me on track
* find my own style and embrace it
* do not re-list products to sell, just start making for family, friends and our home.
* stop the blog hopping, concentrate on my own life, not people that I will never meet just because I think they live a better life than me or are more creative than me. (this probably sounds harsh but it is so easy to be caught up in this cyber world.)

wow, that's enough to work on for now I think, sorry for the ramblings, amazing how much clearer it all seems when you write it down.


  1. It is sooo helpful to write things down isn't it? One step at a time ... and ... 40 is just the beginning. :)

  2. well Sue, some of these sound very familiar to me too! Don't worry about turning 40, it's only a number!

  3. Hi Sue, There are so many options and things to keep us busy these days, that sometimes you have to step off the crazy treadmill and just simplify....I did it about 12 months ago, and need to do it a little again now as some things have crept back in to my life. When I turned 40 I couldn't even say the number, I was so mortified...but honestly, it's fine...better to reach it than not I say!!

  4. I know its a lot going on right now but if you take 1 day at a time it will seem to be a little better bit by bit xxxx


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