Sunday, 3 October 2010


Time to plant some seeds. Pots were made this morning with 2 willing helpers (The other one slept).

For my plant markers, I recycle ice-cream container lids by cutting them up and writing on them.

Into the hot-house they go.

This morning's pickings from the patch. As you can see there aren't many peas, Sophie helped pick them and more went into her mouth than in the basket.

2 boys at work (the other one slept). Does being a 13 yo old boy mean you just sleep all day?

Sophie made some yummy morning tea....

and the chooks were perfectly happy eating up all of the weeds I threw in.

How's your day? I hope it's as warm and sunny as ours. I'm off to put some more clothes on the line in the sunshine :)


  1. Yes! me too. It's rained on and off here Northern NSW...for at least 10 days, then a heavy nonstop downpour yesterday and last night. What a blessing to wake to bright sunshine.

    My clothsline is full, I've cleaned the chook pen, done some weeding, I was soo flat and down yesterday, but oh, sunshine makes such a big difference!

  2. Today it is raining and although my clothesline is under the deck, I think it is now raining through. Hoping they will be dry tomorrow. They're OK until then. Picking the end of the garden and getting ready for winter and tons of snow!!


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