Friday, 8 October 2010


as to why we have left the floors unfinished for the last 7 years. We pulled up the carpet all those years ago and have been meaning to finish the floors but somehow just didn't quite get around to it. I now know why!!!! I was waiting to find the perfect finish. (Darren however has HUGE reservations about the whole idea)
This what I want for the top of the stairs and the bedrooms.
photo courtesy of soule mama

photo courtesy of door sixteen

That's right, white, well off white to be exact. The idea came from Amanda over at soule mama who is busy renovating their new 200 year old home.

The stairs will be sanded back to the original wood then varnished along with the passage below. The passage at the top of the stairs will be painted white. I'm also in painting mode for the walls (yep that green really has to go). Every room is a different colour atm, but that will be changing very soon and they will all become off white. Sophie's room is first, it will be sad to see all of the fairies and flowers be painted over but the time has come and I'm rather excited to start.


  1. not

    (crazy that is!) in reference to your comment over at g inspired...

  2. Wow, it looks great! So fresh! I hope Darren sees it too by now ;))


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