Saturday, 30 October 2010


There's been an organising challenge going on over at Down To Earth. You list the things or rooms in your home that you would like to challenge yourself to clean up and by listing them for all to see, you are held accountable for cleaning them up (I feel accountable anyway).
This antique meatsafe has been on my 'to do' list for ages.
This safe lived in our kitchen and has been the perfect dumping place for a few years.

(Please ignore the wall behind, I'm in the process of paint sampling).
The safe now sits at the top of our stairs on our newly painted floorboards.

Some more organising has gone on outside. My herb garden was transformed into pots during the week due to lack of sunlight where it originally was.

The pots are on our verandah in full sunlight now and I get to look at them while I'm doing the dishes every day.


  1. Love your safe full of quilts, I've been looking for something just like that to keep my "office-y" stuff in in the spare bedroom. Wasn't sure what I wanted until I saw that.

    Your painted floorboards look great too.

  2. The quilts look great in the safe. What a good job you did!! I really like your flower pots.

  3. What a perfect use for the old meat safe! Your quilts are gorgesou, BTW... if I had any sense, I'd be organizing my cupboards instead of sitting here on the computer. ; )

  4. so what happened to the stuff that was originally in the safe? Where did it get organized to? Looks nice full of quilts.

  5. what a great place to store your quilts

  6. I'm behind on my down to earth reading, but you have challenged me to clean the top of a lovely dresser that is in my sewing area...stacks of material and magazines and ..whatever. I've taken the before picture, now it's time for action!!


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