Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I certainly have the renovation/shifting furniture around bug. Today after putting on the final coat of sealer on the stairs it was time to do something about our eating arrangements.

We have a tiny dining room which was actually our kitchen until about 8 years ago when we built on a new one. The dining room is also my sewing room and is in the middle of the house, no natural lighting and a bit of a walk-through from the lounge to the kitchen.

I don't like to eat in there as the table is normal piled high with sewing projects and it's very claustrophobic when we are all in there, so the dining room table got kicked out today.

Here is the sewing room/library/playroom now.

It's now an easier space to navigate through.

Now for the dining table. It's in the kitchen, it doesn't really suit the kitchen but I don't really care. The important thing is that we can sit around it and enjoy our meals together, the kids can do their homework or drawings and be able to talk to me at the same time and there's room to move!

The table needed a bit of dressing up and this quilt top is a perfect size.

I finally have my favourite cooking books back out in the kitchen too.

We don't have a lot of space in our humble little home so I try to think up new ideas to change it around to make it suit our family's needs.


  1. Everything looks good and very functional. I love the quilt on the table.

  2. Your 'humble little home' looks lovely, fresh and clean to me. Surely a space for great family dinners and lots of talking and 'being together'.



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