Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I pulled our garlic crop today, the tops were starting to die back and with all of the rain I didn't want it to rot in the ground like last years crop.

It is happily swaying in the breeze under the front verandah, I wonder if the neighbours think I'm a little odd!

I grabbed a small handful of strawberries from the patch before the birds and earwigs got to them. You have to be quick around here. The day I took the photo of my 3 little cherries, along came the birds that afternoon and ate them, next time I will net them when they are green!


  1. Your garlic looks fabulous!!

  2. Nice job Sue,

    The garlic and the strawberries look lovely. I am afraid I rarely get to pick my strawberries, as Kim or Ben always beats me to it!

    Gav x


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