Thursday, 16 December 2010


It was my intention to start the school holidays with baking bread every day, spending at least half an hour in the garden every day and plant something one day a week. That was turned upside down pretty quickly as I was called in to work every morning this week due to an emergency. Next week I finish up both of my jobs until February so I will have no excuse and I am so looking forward to just being home with the kids, baking, gardening and hopefully some more renovating.

So when does it all become too much? There are so many things I want to achieve every day. I wake up with great intentions and a plan for what I want to get done and before I know it, it's dinner and I haven't even cooked food for our meal.

I need to be organised yet find myself floundering at around 5pm, not really prioritising things and I fall into a heap. I get cross at the kids and I don't feel in control. Anything I haven't achieved during that day just goes out the window as I have too much to do the next day to fit it in.

In typing this out I think I need to take a breath, prioritise and stop being a control freak. LOL

So what to do about it:

* a day to day housework chart
* menu plan
* set times for gardening, planting, gym etc.
* use my diary effectively

Any other suggestions?


  1. You sound like me and I have decided to make a list of 5 things I want to accomplish each day..they can be big projects or small projects..If I don't finish them all, they are on the list for the next day...only 5 things a more than that. I don't get mad if I don't complete them. Sometimes things come up.. Don't put to much pressure on yourself. Lisa

  2. I work 10-4pm but I am the only one who does housework. Once Brianna has gone to school (7.30am) I wipe down her bathroom basins, make sure toilet is clean, windows open. That room is done.
    I unstack dishwasher, tidy kitchen after breakfast, make sure dining table is wiped off and neat. Tidy family room (put away magazines, other junk). I have a portable vacuum cleaner so I Vax over the tiled floors quickly (picking up millipedes and dust bunnies and crumbs if needed). I put a load of washing on and usually fold one. Angus makes our bed every morning. I make Brianna's and tidy her room up.
    When I go to work, the house is tidy.

    At lunch time, I bring in washing, fold etc. I tend to put clothes away and iron when needed. My girls have been ironing their own T-shirts etc since they were about 10 years old. I am a control freak - I like the laundry done a certain way (only wash certain things with other things etc.) so I do all the laundry.

    After work, I work out what we are having for dinner. I love baked dinners that can be made a little time ahead then put in the oven to cook. We have a couple of easy meals a week (tacos/spag bol/lasagne - these can all be made ahead of time if you can).

    I basically don't have time to garden during the week and quite often don't feel like it on the weekends so I have a fairly low maintenance garden.

    I often feel like I have no time for myself. I'd actually love to escape for a few days and just be by myself. I love being at home by myself, music blaring!

    I think Lisa's idea of a list of 5 is a good idea, I might try that too.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. You could have been writing this post about me, i am exactly the same. I was only thinking this morning how i should probably set myself a schedule for the holidays in order to achieve anything. You know a certain time for gardening, housework and being on the computer. That is probably my biggest time waster. You just get so carried away looking at all the lovely things out there. I used to do menu planning and it worked great. Don't know why i ever stopped. Hope you enjoy your holidays, no matter what happens.

  4. Just a suggestion...Maybe make a list of things to do with the kids. My son & I make a list of things to do together every holidays now...whether it be crafts, cooking, sport, cinema, movie night etc.. Kids come up with some great ideas & it's great quality time together. :-)

  5. Sue, For me working backwards helps. If I work forward I am playing catch up.

    The evening meal: do you know at 5pm what you might cook? Do you have the ingredients? Don't sabotage yourself with a run to the shops. A menu plan may be the answer but cook what you like to cook. It's summer. Use the BBQ and simple salads.

    With the kids on holidays do you need to plan for lunches? Get what you need and freeze it especially if numbers are fluid.

    Baking bread: calculate how long it will take and when you need to start. If you don't have a back up supply, buy what you need and then bake.

    Now you are ready for the garden.

  6. Good morning Sue,

    You sound very normal to me. I have many days like that. Hang in there and don't let it get you down. Just take one thing at a time. I'm really sure your family loves you just as you are. Don't try to be too perfect because I know from experience it only makes everyone in the home uptight and remember the main thing your family want is for you to be there for them.

    Blessings Gail

  7. I was just thinking about this today! Needing to plan the holidays so things run smoothly with little tv watching from kids...although my idea was more along the lines of - out of each week: one day for baking/sewing or gardening, another for shopping/errands, one day for an outing/picnic/park, one day for visiting grandparents and helping them out and lastly one day for the veggie group I'm in which will continue in a way over the break. That leaves the weekends free and the weeks full with hopefully happy kids and happy me (?). You will notice I didn't schedule housework, mainly because I try and squeeze bits and pieces into each day, which usually doesn't happen at all!

    As for the evening meal, yes, I hear you. That five-o'clock syndrome is often present here too. I agree with Rose about the bbq's and salads, will try and follow that advice too! Have a great holiday break, Sue :)

  8. I share your frustration! I have been off for three days this week and have gotten nearly nothing accomplished. I just don't know where the days fades too. I have been trying to devise a way to be more productive and organized for quite some time now. I am failing at that too.

    I think first is to let og of the guilt and frustration of it all though and take small steps. That is what I am focusing on in life now....small steps :)


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