Friday, 8 April 2011


I made up a batch of quince jelly through the week with the freebie quinces I received from Sharyn (Ecologie Organics) and I must say I'm now hooked on quinces. I'm really want my own tree now, I had no idea how yummy they are. I went looking for a tree today but couldn't find one young enough to espalier, so the search continues......
After ripping out all of my old veges this week, I've made a decision to only plant staples that my family eat most days. While I love to try out new beaut veges, I then find out that my family won't touch them and I am left with stacks of food to preserve that only I will eat.

After lots of thought I won't be planting corn any more. It takes ages to ripen and I have never got a good crop. The last lot was so disappointing, really tastless and hardly any fruit. Next year I also need to not plant as many zuchinni, there's only so much one person can cook and preserve.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! I've never cooked withquinces, are they tricky?

  2. I have never had quince before - it sure makes a beautiful jelly.

  3. Mmm yummy! My mum tried making quince jelly once but must have over boiled it or perhaps burnt it?.. It ended up making the most delicious quince honey! We haven't been able to recreate it since.


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