Friday, 1 April 2011


We had Daniel's follow-up dentist appointment today from the cricket ball incident and the outlook isn't good. A couple of days ago I noticed that his front tooth was looking off colour, sadly after more tests today it was confirmed that the tooth is dead. He has another appointment next Wednesday with another dentist for some other tests and to work out when he will be having a root canal. This is sad news, I know how uncomfortable and painful root canals can be and I really am not happy about my 14yo going through that.

Some good news was waiting for me on our verandah when we returned home in the form of a large box of gifted quinces and pears. Sharyn from Ecologie Organics dropped them off for me as she didn't think she would have time to preserve any of her fruit this year. Thank you so much Sharyn, I will get to preserving the fruit this weekend.

I nearly forgot to show the photos of Darren's new boat.

Here is the old boat (don't you just love the name?)
and the new boat (nameless) with so much more room for all of us to move around on.

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