Saturday, 15 October 2011


and so it begins....

We started off the competion season with Lachie being picked by his team-mates as the captain for under 12's West blue team. He was all smiles that his team wanted him as their captain. Congratulations Lachie!!!!!
Lachie opened the bowling and got the first wicket for the season. After the break he took over as wicketkeeper and caught the first catch for the season.

Dan played his first game in under 16's today.
He bowled really well and only gave away 2 runs in 3 overs, he then took a great catch. Great job Dan!!!!! Now that he's in under 16's he's the small kid again, some of these kids seriously look like giants! I don't know what they get fed but they are huge.

Dan starts off his senior C grade competition next week and Darren starts in D grade next week also.


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  1. That's my West Gambier boys! Congrats Lachie!!


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