Monday, 10 October 2011


I want to get rid of my drier, ideally I would like to sell it as I can't give it to the Salvos as they don't accept electrical goods. This has been playing on my mind for ages. I know I can do without it, yet having it sitting there, I sometimes use it for convenience.

Some would say that it is a neccessity where I live, I disagree. When our last drier packed up, I had children in cloth nappies and at the time thought that way too. Now the children are older, I have other alternatives for our cold, wet climate. Of course on days when there is no rain, I use our old hills hoist in the middle of our yard where every clothesline deserves to be in an Aussie yard. When things are a little damp, I have another line under shelter that I use for things I may not need that day.
Our other option is our inside clothes horse. I love this fold away line and use it constantly. Yes, for most of the year our home can sometimes look like a chinese laundry.
So why do I use the drier? Well I guess I don't plan well enough and sometimes it's laziness. Underwear is probably the main thing I pop in there as I sometimes can't be bothered pegging it all up. When I think about it, there are so many clothes I can't put in the drier anyway, so it's time to ditch it. Has anyone else ditched the drier for another way of drying?


  1. I own one, but could easily live without it. My husband would freak if I got rid of it even though I am the one that does the laundry.

  2. I use my dryer for underwear too. We seem to have so much that I would run out of pegs if I put it on the line.
    I fluff towels when they come in off the line but only for 15 minutes on 'airing'. We don't have a wood fire so it is a neccessity in the winter months but I do tend to use our spare room as an airing room for things that don't get hung out.


  3. I use the dryer in the summer for underwear and also towels-my husband INSISTS on having the towels fluffy soft (men!)
    I've been begging him to string up some "indoor" lines but no luck, so winters means back to the dryer (and the burnt smelling sheets and clothes-ugh!)

  4. Hi Sue, I ditched our dryer and haven't looked back.


  5. You have the same dryer as me :-) Would you believe, I've actually done the opposite!! After I hurt my back, I primarily used the dryer, rarely hanging the clothes up, and even then it was on the indoor airer (again, the same as yours!!), as our Hills Hoist was broken. When I bought my house a couple of years ago, I took the dryer in to be fixed, and (as embarrassing as this is to admit!!), I kind of forgot about it, and it stayed with the repairman for 2 years!!! In that time, I didn't even have a Hills, so *all* my drying was done on the indoor airer - and I survived perfectly fine!! There were a few trips to the laundromat now and then, but not often. Now that I have the dryer back, I admit I've fallen back into the trap of using it, and I need to get out of it again!! You could put your dryer on Gumtree, perhaps??

  6. I don't have a dryer, Sue. Haven't had one for the past 20 years. I dry outside on a line and also have an area under shelter to hang. If there is extended rain I hang up a folding hanger just under the heater inside my living room

    I head over to the laundromat to do blankets and sheets (I don't like doing them in my own washing machine. It's way too small) and the machine there washes and dries without having to transfer them... it saves me HEAPS of time. Something that I don't have a lot of some weeks.

    WInter and summer is the same. I don't miss having a dryer, but I do miss having hot running water in the bath. Sometimes I hate having to wait 20 minutes to heat it.....

    But having a water heater that keeps the water hot for any minute that you might happen to turn it on is such a waste. So many things here that save energy compared to back in my home country.

    blah blah blah.

    sorry it's so long
    I posted photos of my bathroom in it's finished and unfinished states.... Well, it's almost finished. I posted them because you asked for them so you better take a look and leave a comment!


    off to do more writing.

  7. thanks everyone for your comments and Lisa, I've commented on your bathroom it looks lovely.

  8. I have one and won't get rid of it. We rarely use it from late Spring - late Fall. Our winters are insanely cold so we can't hang clothes out for 5-6 months of the year (-35C). Your fingers would literally freeze solid handling wet clothes in those temps! With 7 people, we launder too much to hang it all in our small house all winter, so I do use the drier in the cold months but not for everything.

    My lazy trick for line drying socks is to drape them all over the edges of the laundry basket and I leave that outside in the sun. The breeze and sun dry them well and no pegging! You can drape a lot of socks that way very quickly :) With undies, I only peg once to save time. I don't even spread them out - they get pegged however they get placed on the line :)


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