Sunday, 13 November 2011


Finally some lovely warm weather for our weekend. I can't believe I am in a t-shirt! Once again the boys are busy with cricket but I took some time out from my supporting role to get busy at home.

The warm weather gets me thinking about & eating this yummy food.

Almond milk was made, delicious!

and carb loaded snacks were cooked for the sporting family members to take away with them.

Out in the garden I've been cleaning out the chook house and spreading aged poo, planting lots of strawberry plants and erecting supports for my hardened off tomatoes.
(please ignore the nasturtium mess around the beds, they were looking so pretty until I spent the morning stomping all over them)

Not many people I know get excited about little pieces of green fruit on trees, well I do as some of these trees are having their first fruiting season and I'm think how each year there will be more and more fruit to sustain us.






Kiwi Fruits are growing

Thanks for visiting, I'm off with Sophie to clean out her room, wish me luck!!!!


  1. I share your excitment with little green fruits just bursting into life. Our tropical apple tree has produced its firt real crop this year, 26 apples so far, very exciting. If only I knew when to pick them?

  2. Oh such gorgeous lush greenery! Your garden looks just lovely, Sue.


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