Friday, 25 November 2011


Myself, Darren's mum and the 2 boys are off to Adelaide early Sunday morning for Lachie's week of cricket. There is quite a bit of preparing to do, the little things like figuring out where I have to be each day as they play on a different ground every day.

I'm busy buying and preparing food for the left behind family members and working out what we will take food wise with us.

I don't make trips like this, I'm not a city girl and get rather tense before I go anywhere. I do know that once we get there and find our bearings we will be fine.

I've been working all week to earn some extra money for the trip and now I'd better get back to washing, cooking and cleaning.

See you in a week.


  1. There is always so much for a Mum to do before leaving the family behind, isn't there? It stresses me out and my hubby really doesn't understand. He just hops in the car and away we go, not realising that I have spent days washing clothes, cooking etc.
    I hope your son has a great time in the big smoke and that you enjoy it too once you get there. I find once I get there, I calm down. Lol!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. hope you had a great time!


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