Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Cricket takes over our lives this time of year with 3 Brown family members playing what seems an endless stream of matches and trainings, there really doesn't feel like a lot of time for much else. Lucky I really love watching my loved ones play isn't it?
At 6:15am this morning I was nearly bursting with pride as Lachie and I opened the newspaper to find his name selected into the Under 12's Lower South East Country Cup Squad for 2011-12. He will spend a week in Adelaide playing 8, 20/20 matches in four days.

For those readers that have been around this blog for a while, this is the squad that Lachie nearly got into this time last year. He was told to try out this year as they wanted to take the older players (he was only 9) and he was diagnosed with whooping cough the week of the final tryout and wasn't really well enough to play.

I'm pretty sure once again he is the youngest in the team as most are turning 12 or are 12 years old, Lachie is 10. Congratulations Little Browny!!!!!

Speaking of being proud, Dan has been selected to play in the under 16's squad for Burdon Shield. He is also the youngest in that team and he plays his 2nd game this Sunday. Dan's junior & senior season is going really well, this boy just keeps going and going. Well Done Dan.

I haven't forgotten our sweet Sophie, here she is enjoying a bit of sunshine last week at the cricket.

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  1. Ah, my two young cricketing men from South Australia! One day I will be cheering for you from the stands of the SCG. And Miss Sophie is making her way too. :)


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