Monday, 5 December 2011


Yesterday I spent the morning weeding and pulling up some vegetables.

Sadly this year's garlic crop was very poor indeed, the bulbs are small and a lot were rotten, I guess I expected more as last year's crop was fantastic.

The onions and leeks weren't much better, about a month ago I noticed they both had gone to seed overnight! I only have a few onions drying and some of those are ones that went to seed that I will use in stocks etc.

On a more positive note, the tomatoes are looking lovely, I like to have a longer season and plant tomatoes in the hot-house as well as outside in the raised beds.

hot-house crop

raised bed crop

Sophie and I picked our first lot of loganberries for the season, yummy! The raspberries should be ready in a few days.

My luffas are growing well it will be interesting to see how well they produce.

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  1. The weather we have had lately hasn't been good for gardening or the garden. The wind! My roses have all blown and I have just started dead heading them for Christmas (hope they bloom again) and I have weeds galore. I must admit, I just spent 30 minutes out there and got nearly half my back bed done -! I hope to plant out some pots of colour (petunias) in the next couple of days then the garden will look nice for Christmas. I am starting to stress about Christmas lunch - we have 24 adults and 14 children to feed! Of course, everyone chips in but it is still stressful until the food is on the table and everyone has had a few...
    I am lucky, all of my family get along and really enjoy the day so that's good!

    I am envious of those hothouse tomatoes!



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