Sunday, 4 December 2011


Actually we got back at around 11pm Thursday night after deciding that we really just wanted to come home and be in our own beds that night. Sophie had sports day on Friday and she really wanted me back to watch her, so we packed up the car and headed for home around 6pm.

It's taken me this long to catch up on housework, cooking and gardening so I'm only just getting around to post about our fantastic week.

Last Sunday we arrived in Adelaide, spent some time with Elaine (who we were staying with) then headed down to Glenelg, Gliderol Stadium for a practice session with the coach and mentor of the week, Locky Adams. The kids were put through their paces then presented with their shirts, cap and shorts for the week.

Monday 28th November 2011: Our 2 games were played at Kensington Gardens Reserve, lucky for us it was pretty much around the corner from where we were staying. Offical photos were taken, then the first of our 20/20 matches began.
Lachie is in the front right in the middle.

Round 1
Lachie opened the batting and made 3 runs, he was runout because he didn't tell the other batsman what side of the pitch to run on and they ran into each other. He learnt from that mistake pretty quickly.

Lachie got one wicket and a runout. He actually dropped the catch, picked it up, threw the ball at the stumps and hit them resulting in the runout. We laughed as he must have been mad at himself for dropping the catch and I don't think he could have done that again if he tried!!!!

Round 2
Lachie was rested for the batting, as there were 12 boys, they all had a turn during the week of resting in either batting or bowling.

He opened the bowling, bowled 2 overs, both maiden.

Tuesday 29th November 2011: We were at Park 25 (Lachie's favourite oval)
Round 3
Lachie was captain this round and the won this match.

He made 5 runs and took 1 catch. No one could believe the catch, he juggled it about 8 times, ended up on his knees and turned 180 degrees while still juggling and finally managed to hold it.

Round 4
Lachie took 1 catch, bowled two very good overs and didn't get to bat as he was down the list.

The boys got to watch a touring English team practice on the turf nets, they were awesome!

Wednesday 30th November 2011: They played the round 5 at Gordon Brown oval at St Marys, then round 6 at Unley High School due to the ground being too wet. We all went out to dinner that night at Henley Beach and the boys all played beach cricket, of course!
Round 5
Lachie made 9 runs with one 4 in that and was then ran out. He bowled really well once again for his 2 overs. The boys won this round.

Round 6
Lachie caught 1 catch on the boundry, got a wicket, LBW and didn't get to bat this round.

Thursday 1st December 2011: Played round 7 at Adelaide High and round 8 at Park 25.
Round 7
Lachie got one catch, 1 wicket (bowled him) and opened the batting. Unfortunately he was out for a duck, nice shot but a very clever catch from the fieldsman.

Round 8
The boys won this last match.

Lachie opened the bowling, 1 maiden over and 2 runs off the other over. He made a catch but was declared a no-ball :( He then made 3 runs not out to finish the day.

Over all it was an amazing experience for the boys, they had such a great week and they all should be very proud of the way they played. I now know how to get around Adelaide and next year should be a little easier to get around.
Lachie with Locky Adams. Locky was an amazing coach to the boys, he was fun and they all loved chatting to him and learning lots about what it's like to be in the "big league".

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  1. Gee, you must be all cricketed out! Sounds like the kids had a great time and it's good to hear you found your way around Adels okay. I surprised myself when I HAD to drive around myself. I have always driven in Adelaide, but followed Gus everywhere in 2 cars. First time I drove by myself I had white knuckles but once you get a feel for the city and surrounds it is quite easy. Make a mistake and basically, turn around and start again if you get lost! Ha ha!



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