Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I'm not really up with all of the gadgets that are available now days. I still have a mobile phone that is just a phone, I don't own a touch ipod, an ipad or anything else 'i' but something that has caught my attention on a few occasions is a Kindle.

When Big W opened down here last week they had a special on Kindles and I decided to buy one.

My main reason to purchase a Kindle is simply that I have no more room for books!!!   The bookshelf and storage boxes are full and I love to read.  I borrow what I can from the library or from friends but usually I have to buy what I want to read. 

I took my Kindle to bed last night for my nightly read, it was so easy to hold while lying on my side and the screen is wonderful, no sore eyes and no glare.

What was my first book purchased?   The dirty life by Kristin Kimball.  I'm loving it so far, a great read and funny too.

So there you go, I finally own something with a touch screen that's very useful to me.

I'm a happy girl.


  1. I saw these in Big W shortly after opening day and was surprised at the price. I think we will have to do a trip to Mt G soon. This would be so good when I can't sleep at night and use a torch to read so I don't disturb DH

  2. Sue, you will not go back now! I have had an ipad now for over a year and I love it! It means I don't have to lug around a load of heavy books when we go away plus they are so much cheaper to purchase on there!


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