Saturday, 9 February 2013


After years of dreaming about it, it will finally come true.   I have wanted to go to a yoga retreat for many years, I have talked it over with friends and family thinking that I needed to go with someone else and of course something would happen in either my life or theirs and then out the window with the plans.

For the first time I know I am ready to do this alone. I have a friend who would like to come with me but I'm pretty sure she will pull out when the time comes to book and you know what?   That's fine, I will be okay doing this alone.

After heaps of research I picked out , this company last year to do my retreat with and as I madly save my teaching money I am hoping to get over there by the end of the year.

So that is my exciting news, well i think it's exciting anyway.  My challenge is going well but i do need to put in a little more effort so today I am running up the tower with a good friend (haven't done that in a couple of months) so i should be ready for some yoga after that!


  1. Oh a Bali yoga retreat sounds lovely Sue. Good for you to chase your dreams, even if you have to do it alone, I am sure it will be worth it :)


  2. The Bali retreat pictures give a different perspective to Bali than the commercialised hustle and bustle of Kuta etc. Looks divine.

  3. ohh this sounds lovely! I'm pleased you have come to the point where you feel able to go it alone.

  4. Yoga retreat in Bali? That sounds exciting! I’ve been in Bali and I totally loved the environment there. It is very close to nature, which is a great spot for yoga and meditation. Aside from yoga, you can also do lots of outdoor activities there. I hope you had a great time there, Sue!
    ->Chick Boardman

  5. I'd love to attend yoga sessions on my upcoming trip to Bali in April. Tips on the best places for that, please? Thanks! x


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