Sunday, 17 February 2013


Oh I love our weekly markets, the variety is awesome, the produce is fresh, a lot more local than any supermarket and 2/3's of this bounty is organic.   Why would you buy from a supermarket when this is at your doorstep?

All of this cost me $29, I would happily pay more for all of the above reasons.   If you have a market with fresh produce and haven't bought from them, try them out, more than likely you will be very happy.


  1. Wow, lots of chilli's there! I'm not sure if our monthly market is still operating here at the moment. Will have to check it out - I am over buying fruit and veg from Woolies - they had kiwi fruit from ITALY there yesterday - how many food miles is that?

  2. I want to make chilli paste for Darren Joolz. I can't stand chilli myself. That is so sad about the kiwi yeet I bet a lot of people simply don't care enough not to buy it.


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