Sunday, 4 April 2010


A busy time up at the patch this weekend with lots of pulling out and preparing beds for more crops.
I've used up my stash of free poo. Gone is the 3 bags of sheep poo, 3 bags of horse poo, 2 bags of cow poo and 2 bags of dried kelp.
The chook poo is busy rotting down and won't be ready for a while and the worms are still working on producing for me.
So enough poo talk lets look at some dirt. Here's the bed with the pumpkins pulled out (I couldn't get them to produce anything this year) all ready for brassicas.

Here's the new bed I put in this morning recycling some hardwood sleepers and an old big gate that has had many uses over the years. This bed has been planted with climbing peas on both sides.

Okay, on to some produce as I won't bore you with yet another dirt bed full of poo that I've just planted carrot seeds in.
My beetroot plants grown from seed are getting really big, unfortunately the chooks got into there are pulled half of them out

The eggplant has produced heaps of fruit, I'm so happy with it.

I have enough dried chillies to last for years yet they keep on coming.

This is our first season for our Red Delicious apple tree. I love how the kids just go out and help themselves to the apples whenever they feel like it.

Lastly, some very content, happy, plump chookies.


  1. Great pictures. The chickens look very happy.

  2. My goodness, you've been busy! I'm so ready for my garden to be in full production... it'll be a couple of months yet. Until then, I'll keep drooling over your produce. : ) Melissa


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