Saturday, 17 April 2010


Hopefully within the next month I will finally have a hothouse again.

Years ago I had a huge hothouse made from plastic sheeting and curved pipes in an igloo style that I grew all of my out of season crops in. Down where I live we have four very distinct seasons and it's cold for most of the year, so in order to have those tomatoes all year round, a hothouse is required.

Anyway, while pregnant with my second child for some stupid reason I decided that I no longer needed the hothouse and tore it down. Something I have regretted ever since.

I have always wanted a glasshouse but since that is way out of my reach financially and the fact that I have 2 cricketers in the family, I'll settle for a hot-house again.

After seeing Gavin's greenhouse on his blog and chatting with my gorgeous cousin Janelle from Nellie G Designs who stayed over the weekend my mind is now made up.


  1. Yay! I am SO VERY jealous! I don't actually *need* one, but I seriously want one anyway. It is warm for 9 months out of the year here, so I can grow veggies in the winter - but they're winter veggies like collards, broccoli, and rutabagas. It would be nice to have tomatoes year round. Good for you! : ) Melissa

  2. Good on you Sue! The greenhouse is certainly worth the investment, even if it is just used to keep the slugs off of the seedlings. My tomato seedlings are doing well and are in a nice big pot now! Tomatoes in winter, who would have ever thought!


  3. You are so lucky, I could do with one of those.

    Happy gardening!



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