Saturday, 10 April 2010


Me: Sure you can Sophie, when we shift out of town.
Sophie: When can we shift out of town?
Me: When we are rich Sophie.
Sophie: Can I go to riding lessons?
Me: We can't fit them in Sophie
Sophie: Mummy when can we shift out of town?

AHHHHH, Lesson No.1, when visiting friends don't let them say to your child "would you like a ride on the horse".

I'll never hear the end of this one, but she did have so much fun brushing and riding the horse, thanks Claire for the great afternoon out.
I actually went to visit to bag up some horse poo for my garden. Yah!!! I have poo again.
PS: Sorry for the crappy photos, I only had my phone with me.


  1. Oh dear, damn hubby!!! But you can come and visit us when I get a house! Sometime in the next century:)

  2. She looks like she's in heaven on that horse! I feel for you... not easy telling her no after that experience. Glad you guys had fun. : ) Melissa

  3. We've recently moved to the country (15 minutes out of town is country when you live in Dunedin, NZ!), and are in real horse country - as in, our next door neighbour's home has a dressage arena!

    Every week I get it from my three year old: "Pony! Pony! Pony!"

    How long can I resist? Must....resist..."


    So I really empathise!


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