Thursday, 22 April 2010


I took these photos yesterday while I was feeling much better than today. So I'm home from work today with a throbbing headache and an extremely nausea's stomache. Here are my little pots looking not so new now but holding together very well.

Look at the empty pots at the bottom of the photo, they are supposed to be my cauliflowers and I can only presume that I didn't put the seeds in because every other seed germinated. Weird huh?

I planted out the bush peas, pots and all. I am glad I only used 2 strips of paper for the pots to allow the roots to find their way out and I also opened up the bottoms when I planted them out.

My climbing peas are taking off well, I do have to guard them closely from the chooks as they make their way out of their yard to have a scratch around however, boy they are quick to peck off those tendrils.

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