Friday, 12 November 2010


Our home has been the house of sickness lately. I can't believe how sick Sophie and Lachie have been and Dan's still struggling with his elbow injury, oh, and Darren has the dreaded "man flu".
I caught Heidi up on our table the other day, she was so scared and didn't now what to do once she got up there and certainly had no idea how to get back down.

Lachie has been playing cricket for under 12's and D grade with the big boys, check out the men behind him that he played against, he still managed to make 2 runs.

Lachie has been so sick and last weekend he ended up in the emergency room, tests were taken and we were given conformation Wednesday morning that he has whooping cough. There hasn't been a lot of sleep for myself and Lachie and between him and his sister, I've seen enough vomit to last me a lifetime.

Anyway, enough on that, on Monday night Lachie insisted that he wanted to still try out for the under 12 country cup cricket squad, (remember at this stage we had no idea he had whooping cough) The poor boy was vomiting in the warm ups, yet refused to come home with me. Usually for these squads, the older kids are picked but to our surprise, Lachie has made the preliminary squad at the age of 9 and with whooping cough!!!! We are so proud of him. Next Monday night is the final squad pick to play in Adelaide and we are trying desperately to get him well enough to make the team.

So with everything going on, Dan played in his Kerr Shield squad on the weekend, his team made 245 runs to 18 runs for the other team, yes it was over pretty quickly that day. This was Dan's first game back with his injury and his elbow handled it quite well, but unfortunately during the week with school cricket he injured it again. We will be getting it taped by the physio tomorrow morning to hopefully get him through his match tomorrow and Kerr Shield again on Sunday.


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better! It stinks to be sick... :(

  2. Sure is a terribly busy time for you. Hope everyone gets 100% soon.
    Heidi sure is looking cute, especially up on your table.


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