Monday, 21 February 2011


This silver birch tree has served me well. I have loved sitting under it playing with the kids and relaxing over the years but it's time for a change so the tree will be going and in it's place I will be planting more fruit trees. This is making Darren very happy as he has wanted to get rid of that tree for years and I have to admit that it is painful to always be up cleaning out the gutter because of the mess it makes. It is a lovely tree just planted in the wrong spot that's all.

I went out to check on my brassicas yesterday and was amazed by the amount of cabbage moth around. They are eating my broccoli to death, so it was time for action. A couple of days ago I cleared out my linen press and there was some old lace curtains in there that I was going to get rid of. How handy that I hadn't sent them off to the Salvos just yet as they make perfect covers for my brassicas held down with a few bricks.

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