Friday, 11 March 2011


Lachie came up with something funny in response to the goings on of the last few weeks.
"Mum, look what I got into" Showing me a letter to say he was through to the final selection for SAPSASA athletics.
"I didn't even try out for 2 of these events and I still got in, this must be just like cricket"


During the week I made feta cheese, it was exciting to watch the process.

After cutting the curds.

Ready to eat.

The initial taste was a bit salty from the brine but on the second taste, YUMMY!!!!

I halved the recipe as I don't own a big double boiler, so I went with the microwave directions but my microwave is tiny and I could only fit in a container that held 2 litres of milk.

Now onto Squeezo.....

He is my new best friend in the kitchen, without him I would not be able to make sauce this year because of this crazy virus I have affecting all of my joints (wrists and fingers are the worst affected). You just pop the fruit or veg in the top, squash it down, crank the handle and out comes the pulp, no skins or seeds. I was eyeing one of these beauties off online, but here in Australia they cost over $300. On ebay I found a slightly used one in America for $90, I had to pay $50 to get it here but that's still quite a saving. Squeezo with be a very handy addition to my preserving efforts. He is the other present I bought myself because Darren bought the boat (I must post about the boat soon).


  1. That cheese looks fabulous. I really like your new kitchen friend. Any idea what the virus is or what caused it?

  2. The cheese looks lovely, as does Squeezo in his own practical way.

  3. Nice feta Sue. Which recipe did you use?

    Gav x


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