Thursday, 10 March 2011


Gosh where do I start? Maybe with Daniel.

A couple of weeks ago Dan was picked for the West Gambier 10/10 squad made up of under 16 players and under 14's to fill the team. Sadly out of the 8 teams that participated, West came last but they all had a great day. Dan picked up a wicket so he was happy.

The day before the 10/10 match he made his highest not out score of 30 runs and the same day sub-fielded for senior D grade and got a runout. All in all a great weekend.

Then came Monday, Dan was trying out for the year 8/9 squad to go to Adelaide through the school cricket program and sadly once again just missed out. This time something needed to be said after all if we don't stick up for him, who will? Darren met with the selector last night and put quite a few valid points across to this coach that we had run-ins with last year. The same kids get selected, not on performance but who their dad is or what their last name is. Some of the kids selected didn't even try out and one has a broken collar-bone and was still picked. It's not good enough and we were over it.

So all being said, nothing will of course change for the squad but this coach needs to be made accountable for his actions and stop being so unfair. His reasons once again were simply that he wants big kids and Dan being shorter and quite skinny doesn't fit the bill. Talent wise, he admitted that Dan has everything that the others have, he just isn't big enough (meaning he can't hit 6's) What a load of shit!!!!

Now last weekend Dan's mouth and a cricket ball collided. There wasn't any visible damage, so we just shook it off and told him he'd be fine. Yesterday his pain got worse in one of his front teeth and today it was unbearable at times, I rang the dentist and was told to bring him in right away. They took a few xrays and did pulse tests on his teeth and thankfully there is not a fracture. We have to wait a few weeks and they will run the tests again because there is the risk there's tissue damage and the nerve may still die. The outcome is pretty positive due to his teeth still developing as they are couple of years behind where they should be so hopefully this will be the end of it.

Now, are you still with me? Lets go to Lachlan.

Lachie tried out a couple of weeks ago for the under 12 Future Champions, which are the best of the best under 12's around. Normally you have to be 11 or 12 to try out and are about to go into the under 14 side in the next year. Lachie only just turned 10 in December and placed as 12th man for both sides. The selector told us after that he was named 12th man as he still had 2 more seasons to be in the side and the older kids needed to be selected first. We couldn't be prouder of him and he had a great day last Sunday being out on the field for both sides. He only got to bowl one over and got a wicket!!!!!

The day before the Future Champions match, he made his highest not out score also with 26 runs. He made a 4 as well, the second one for the season.

Both boys have been playing senior cricket all season as well as there own teams, they have both really stepped up and the coaches seem to think that Lachie will go up to under 14's a year earlier than normal so that's positive that he's on the right track.

The season sadly ended for both teams last week with Lachie's team coming 5th on the ladder and Dan's team 5th also by half a point. They were stripped of points due to a rule that no-one was aware of by the association. That's another long story however that is hitting a sore point with both Dan, being the captain and Darren being the coach.

Sophie doesn't miss out on all of his cricket as she got to train South Australian junior selectors and 2 of the Australian Women's Cricket Team on the weekend. She had a ball and they kind of really liked her too. Sophie wants to play next season, but I'm not sure cricket and ballet really go hand in hand. We'll see.


  1. Yay! YAY! YAY! Maybe you would like things different kids but those are great achievements!

  2. It is so frustrating to see your kid play the game well, turn up for training, try their hardest then not get picked in a side. I've seen it happen time and time again with my girls with netball and basketball. The stronger players don't turn up for practice on time or are off having their injuries strapped but they still get picked first up and get all the court time. Gives me the shits too! Well done for speaking up (I was never game to!).

    Cheers - Joolz


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