Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Well my rash disappeared after a couple of very itchy days and in it's place all of my joints seized up. It was like what I imagine bad arthritis to be like. I haven't been able to do anything but today I'm starting to feel like my old self.

I wandered through the garden today and decided to do a little job of planting seeds as I still am unable to weed or dig.

Pots were made.

markers were printed and seeds were planted.

How do you keep your seeds? I used to have a pile of them thrown into a bag then a couple of years ago a friend and I spent some time making one of these boxes each. There are dividers for each month and the seeds to be sown are put behind the corresponding month. When the seeds have been planted, they are placed either back in their month or moved along to another month that I want to plant some more in.


  1. Hi :o)

    I just wandered by your blog tonight.... saw the rash pic & your other symptoms and wondered if the Doctor did a blood test for Ross River Virus.

    My best friend had this about 6 years ago & her symptoms were just about the same as yours... and there's been a lot of extra water around your way this summer.

    Hopefully it's not but if the fatigue & joint issues persist it might be worth taking a trip back.

    Get well soon :o)

  2. It seems you get over one thing and another starts. Hope you feel better soon.
    I love the box for your seeds - a great idea.


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