Monday, 27 February 2012


While over at Down to Earth today I saw a post from a member about using a natural wood polish. This polish is made from 50% lemon/vinegar solution that I have talked about making before and 50% olive oil.

I made up the solution right away, gave it a shake and with a soft cloth applied it to our solid wood kitchen cupboards. I was very impressed and then decided to try it on our Heidi scratched lower doors.



Okay, so now I was truely amazed!!! This product cut through grease on the rangehood, cleaned away dirty marks and made the scratches from our dog disappear.

I'm off to keep cleaning my woodwork.


  1. i am going to try this too Sue! Did you use real lemon juice??

  2. Wendy, the lemon/vinegar part is lemon rind soaked for a couple of weeks in vinegar.

  3. Thanks for that Sue, I saw it and my kitchen cupboard doors will get it now I've seen your results.

  4. I use olive oil and lemon juice as my furniture polish, but might give this a go too! Thanks Sue:)

  5. Very nice result! :) Going to try making some....


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