Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hardly, we were up early for Clean Up Australia day armed with gloves and bags. Sophie's class from school is learning about community and the kids are getting involved with different activities within the community. Next week they go to Meals On Wheels.
::Sophie with her friend Emily::

I've spent the afternoon baking.
::Muesli Slice::
::Banana and Raspberry Loaf::

Oh, and I now have a new laptop called Betty. Wilma gave up the ghost finally and I'm now finding out how good it is to have speed and Windows 7. I had XP before this and what a difference!


  1. Your baking is giving me hunger pains. That banana loaf looks sooo yum!!

  2. I am getting hungry looking at all of your baked goods. Windows 7 is so much better than XP - enjoy!!

  3. Yay for technology upgrades! I am waiting for my phone contract to run out so I can have an iphone like my girls - online at your fingertips. Then I plan to get an ipad for my birthday (did ya hear that, hubby??).

    Windows 7 takes a bit of getting used to but so much better than XP.

    Cheers - Joolz


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