Monday, 12 March 2012


My best friend texted me to say that our local Mitre 10 hardware store was closing down and there was a huge sale on. It was tools down for me and I headed down to try and snaffle some preserving lids, clips and rings. When I got there I think the whole town was on a mission, the line up was huge but so were the savings.

Here's what I grabbed:

Size 3 preserving clips x 2 boxes
were $18.99 each - paid $11.39 each

Size 3 preserving lids x 2 boxes
were $9.49 each - paid $5.69 each

Vegetable seedlings x 3 (spinach, beetroot and parsley)
were $3.99 each - paid $2.19 each

Peas, Massey Gem 200gm for green manure
were $2.99 - paid $1.79

Blood & Bone 2.5kg
was $8.38 - paid $5.03

500 worms for worm farm
were $34.99 - paid $20.99

Bacon Avacado
was $56.99 - paid $31.34

All up $99.89 and I saved $72.39

There goes my money I earnt yesterday at the market but I'm happy with what I got and the price I paid. I wish this store wasn't going out of business and I hope the employees will find other work.


  1. Good bargains for you but sad that Mitre 10 is closing. That is not good for Mt. G!


  2. I've got a bacon avocado too!
    Each spring all the leaves drop off and I think i've killed it!
    New leaves appear eventually


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