Monday, 12 March 2012


I was up early and itching to get out in the vege patch. A heap of tomatoes were picked along with a lemon, my first from our newish tree and our granny smith and golden delicious apples, once again very new trees.
The eggs were collected and the chook shed cleaned out, vines from the neighbouring property were cut back from our side and spent tomato plants were pulled out to make room for root crops.

We only have a small compost bin and I have been missing my original bins made from pallets that were taken down years ago to make room in the patch. Today I decided to use the very back corner raised bed as a compost bin. The soil in that bed is particularly poor and I haven't had a chance to build it up so it's been sitting there for a while with nothing growing. Speaking of poor soil, 3 other beds are in a real need of building up so today I soaked them throughly, added mulch, soaked again, covered in horse and sheep manure and soaked once again. I will keep these beds moist and turn them over in a couple of weeks.

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