Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Am I the only one that never seems to stop thinking about reusing, recycling, living simply, self reliance etc etc? Sometimes putting those thoughts into action seems overwhelming as my mind races to too many new projects and ideas. I am a huge list maker and I don't know why I am not writing all of this down as I think it, weird. So today I will be starting a new notebook full of ideas for the future and things to try out and not leave it all up to my brain remembering it all.

Last night for dinner I had the best meal. You see every year I wait for my tomatoes and apples to be ready and eat this amazing food my dad thought up and ate while we were growing up.
I call it Dad's Slop and it's awesome.

Chop 2 large tomatoes, 1/2 onion, 1 granny smith apple and fry in butter (not a Weight Watchers meal).
When it's sloppy and soft add tasty cheese and mix while melting.
Add salt and pepper and serve on toast.

Lastly, does anyone else's cat love tomatoes and asparagus? Seriously, I can't leave either out on the bench or it's gone in minutes.


  1. Charlie loves baked beans.

  2. funny- I used to work with a lady that had a garden and would often bring something called Guess and Mess. It had Tomatoes, summer squash and whatever else they could throw into the pan and cook up a bit, then serve , sometimes over noodles

  3. Dad's slop - I love it!! I had a cat that loved popcorn.


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