Thursday, 26 January 2012


Happy Australia Day to all those celebrating our glorious country.

We now have a rather large flag pole in our yard (see above). Our very energetic neighbours, Ronnie and Donna, put up their pole a couple of weeks ago and asked us if we wanted one, Ronnie made them at his work. Darren has always had a flag hung in the shed, so of course he said yes. The two flags in neighbouring yards look very patriotic and quite fitting while celebrating this day.

In footy season, Darren is already sourcing a Hawthorn flag to go up. LOL.

We are usually away in Robe for Australia Day but this year we will celebrate at home with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and pancakes with sugar and honey. There will be cricket to watch and some crocheting for me while we lounge around in true Aussie style.

Have a lovely day however you are celebrating.


  1. Happy Australia Day! Enjoy the day, it sounds very relaxing.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Fabulous :-) I vote the Aussie flag stays over the Hawthorn one though!!!

  3. hope you enjoyed your day..The only flag we fly here is the Manly flag out the front of the house! there are also several other motorcycle ones in the shed.

  4. Happy Australia Day!!


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