Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Mt Gambier Under 15's cricket squad won the carnival!!! They didn't lose a game through the week and then went on to win the Grand Final.
Dan played really well, it was over 40 degrees on the first 2 days, he was vomiting on the Thursday night but still put in a great effort all week.

I went over to Horsham with Lachie on Wednesday, stayed Wednesday night in Casterton with my parents, left Sophie there and arrived in Horsham at the start of play Thursday morning. We stayed at the caravan park and pitched a tent, it only cost us $23 instead of an expensive motel room. I'd forgotten that we owned a small 3 man tent as there is no way I could have put up our huge 10 man tent by myself. See Darren, I'm not useless!!! LOL
We had a great time (apart from the vomiting) I was pretty sick too from this horrible tummy bug I've had for what seems like forever but it was nice to see the guys play and win so convincingly.

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