Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Why do I find it so hard to complete any correspondence study? I began studying my sports nutrition certificate 2 years ago and though I nearly finished, I just put it aside and didn't think about it again.

I emailed Beck Health & Nutrition and they have very generously allowed me to complete my certificate even though I'm a year late. While I will no longer be eligible for the statement of attainment due to the lapse in time, they will still grade my assessment and will be awarded the Certificate of Sports Nutrition. I will definately be completing this certificate as I refuse to take on any study until I do. I desperately want to complete a permaculture certificate, but will not go ahead until this other course is out of the way.

So I will be busy studying, baking, cleaning, playing and gardening over the next couple of weeks so I finally say that I've completed this study.


  1. Good luck with it Sue. Don't forget our whole food course too.

  2. I haven't forgotten Rose, another reason to get this out of the way.


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