Monday, 2 January 2012


This morning was one of those perfect cool breeze mornings that just beckoned me out to the vege garden before the hot day set in.

I spent an hour mulching tomatoes and strawberries, digging horse poo into vacant beds and watering the beds and hot-house. It felt good to do something productive as the rest of the day will surely be indoors out of the hot weather.

Speaking of hot, Dan is in Horsham playing cricket in 42 degree heat today!!!!! Crazy, thank goodness the caravan park they are staying at has a pool.

For some of today I want to sort out a bit of a cleaning and gardening roster for myself to get a little more organised and efficient.

Stay cool for those here in Oz.


  1. I'm glad that hot weather didn't last too long.

    Hmmf! Early rising? I was up at 6am today because of those stupid corellas that come and sit in gum trees in our yard. They drive us insane!

    It is nice to get in the garden early, before other distractions take over.

    Cheers - Joolz


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