Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Yes it's that time of the year once again to bring out my friend Squeezo and make up lots of passata and tomato sauce.
Squeezo makes this job so easy, definately one of my better investments for the kitchen.

FYI: I bought my squeezo last year on ebay, she was second hand but in great condition and very cheap. Squeezos have been around since the early 1900's but are relatively unknown here in Australia.


  1. Hi Sue, that is such a cool gadget. What other things do you use it for?

    Gav x

  2. Hi Gav, I bought mine to help me out with tomato sauce etc

    There are other sleeves you can get that process pumpkin and squash and there's one for de-seeding berries for jams etc.

  3. I love my Squeezo, about to get it out again this weekend to do some passata!

  4. Hi there. :)
    I've come via your blog via D2E.

    That looks exactly like what I'm after!! Looking at ebay, it seems I may need to get it imported from the US though.


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