Thursday, 19 January 2012

If you've visited One Crafty Habitat lately, you would have seen my caravan make-over. The once was storage area is now going to be my chill out area and my study room.

Speaking of study, I've had a lot of time for reflection and have been asking myself what I really want to do for future study. I haven't pushed myself for an answer and now I can finally say that I want to go back to what I have long had an interest in, natural therapies.

Way back in 1999, I completed my Reiki 1 and 2 certificates and to this day I have used Reiki for healing, although not as often as I would have liked to. So many things get pushed aside in life for other interests but natural therapies have always held a place and I want to learn so much more about certain therapies.

I will be chosing 5 therapies from the list below:

Holistic Nutrition
Colour Therapy
Holistic Massage Therapy

Meanwhile, here are some pics from my new study/quiet space.
I was beyond excited yesterday when I spotted this recliner at our local salvage yard. It was clean, in great condition, it worked and all for $20. I loaded it into the 4WD (with a little help, it's heavy) and prayed that it would fit through my little van door. Easy!!!!! After a good clean, it has found it's home.

Hiding under my "coffee table" are my preserving jars, now covered with a crochet blanket. (Oops, I see I've missed a bit of painting in the background)


  1. I want a chillout room like that! How lucky to have a little space just for you. Good luck with whatever you choose to study!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. that chair was a great find Sue. Lucky you with the campervan....what fun

  3. More fabulousness!! Looks lovely :-)


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