Thursday, 19 January 2012


I had to go down the street this morning to buy my best friend a 40th birthday gift and I ran into my yoga teacher. We chatted and I said how I couldn't believe how long it had been since I went to one of her classes, I told her that I still wanted to become a yoga teacher it's just that money always seems to get in the way. She gave me the new times of classes and I am really looking forward to going on a regular basis once again. I left with a smile on my face, this is just what I need now that I've made my study plans and yoga plays a big part in this. It just felt like now that a decision has been made, everything else is falling into place.

Another wonderful thing happened today. Darren's parents bought a camper van for us. His dad showed it to us this morning, I was imediately in love and he went and bought it!!!!! I know it doesn't look like much but with a bit of work I think it will be awesome.
It looks small from the outside, but once both end beds are pulled out, it's very roomy inside and it has an annex too. It sleeps 7 and the kids have already picked out their beds, oh the holidays we can have in this beauty!
It's appliances are in really good condition.
and the whole family has given it's stamp of approval.

Look what else was in the yard, a 1950's van!!! Be still my beating heart.


  1. What a gem to find that vintage van! I wanted one of these a while back but hubby wouldn't be in it. Dont think he realizes the potential lol! He said, they are not good to tow, pfft!

    Your van looks similar to the one my parents have, you will have plenty of fun with that!

  2. How fabulous!!! I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day how I would love a van or campervan, but the fact that I cannot reverse a trailer to save myself could be a slight complication, lol!! You'll have great fun together :-)


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